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Lausanne Cathedral Facts

The Cathedral of Notre Dame of Lausanne is a church located in the city of Lausanne, in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. It belongs to the Evangelical Reformed Church of the Canton of Vaud.

Facts About Lausanne Cathedral:
  1. The great pipe organ of the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Lausanne was inaugurated in December 2003.
  2. Construction on the cathedral began in 1175 and it was consecrated in 1275 by Pope Gregory X.
  3. The Cathedral has a total of seven bells that are suspended on two floors of the belfry.
  4. The oldest bell dates back to 1493 while the most recent bells date back 1898.
  5. In 1536, during the Reformation, the Cathedral underwent significant changes when a new liturgical area was built in the nave.
  6. It became a protestant cathedral in 1536.
  7. the cathedral has been classified as a historic monument since May 25, 1900.
Lausanne Cathedral Facts lausanne cathedral facts 1 Lausanne Cathedral Facts
Lausanne Cathedral Facts

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  1. You should list the guet, a most unique human feature of this cathedral and the only one still heard today 600+ years later in recorded history.

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