Lucca Coat of Arms and Flag

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Lucca Coat of Arms


Lucca Coat of arms

Lucca Coat of arms

Truncated silver and red. The coat of arms is surmounted by a marquis crown and is surrounded by a branch of oak and one of laurel knotted together by a red ribbon with white lines. In the ancient times, Lucca adopted the arms of the various Lords ruling the town (Pisa, Castracani, Spinola, Scaligeri etc.). When the Emperor Charles IV, in the year 1369, restored the autonomy of Lucca, the local council adopted the coat of arms. The coat of arms per fess white and red was called “balzana”, and keeps this name today.






Lucca Flag

Lucca Official Flag

The City and Province of Lucca adapted the Flag color and design from the Historic state of the Republic of Lucca, which lasted from 1160 to 1805 on the central Italian Peninsula. The Lucca flag consists of two equally broad stripes, the red one at the bottom and white one on top.The colors are of uncertain interpretation. The red is probably part Ghibelline, which Lucca joined in the first half of the eleventh century.







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