Monthly Update August 2017

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I have decided to do monthly updates for this website, every month a few updates will come a long and change a few things from articles to page layouts to a new design, this could be something small or something big.

What’s releasing on the August Update? 

New Pages: (country) statistics and information, each country such as Spain, Italy, United kingdom & France  will be added this month, information such as population, economy and future predication of a nation will be on this new page, many more countries will be added over time.

Each country will have a country profile where you can find the cities, photographs, articles about the country.

Statistic and information is also part of the country profile but we are releasing this part first as the profile of a country isn’t fully complete yet.

Feed back about each page will be useful as it can be used to update the look and design of the pages.


eBooks Progress and Projects

I’m slowly trying to create a full gallery of ebooks, all free for everyone, Currently in progress of creating 2 new ebooks:

Major Cities in Scotland & San Marino however no progress has been made in 2 months.

Major Cities in Scotland is about 50% done (30+pages so far)

San Marino is about 30% done with 18 pages, progress is slow due to the amount of work i been doing on the website with the time i have.

You can view all the eBooks on our eBook collection page

European Cities & Destinations

Something else i been working with and currently the European Cities is completed, release day will be soon.


Isolatedtraveller Preview Page European Cities









Destinations working with Country Profile pages, so once all of that is completed, this page will be released.







Future Projects

The Home page will receive a massive redesign, just making it a bit better and more user friendly

Releasing even more eBooks, having twice as much if not three times as much, compare to the current amount of 3 and 2 in progress.

Better Menu Layout


Future updates will be coming soon and i keep you posted with my monthly reports



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