Ninth Fort of the Kaunas Fortress Facts

  1. The memorial to the victims of Nazism at the Ninth Fort in Kaunas, Lithuania, was designed by sculptor A. Ambraziunas. Erected in 1984, the monument is 105 feet high.
  2. During the years of Soviet occupation, 1940–1941, the Ninth Fort was used by the NKVD to house political prisoners pending transfer to Gulag forced labour camps.
  3. In 1960, the discovery, cataloguing, and forensic investigation of local mass murder sites began in an effort to gain knowledge regarding the scope of these crimes.
  4. In 1958, a museum was established in the Ninth Fort.
  5. The Ninth Fort is a stronghold in the northern part of Šilainiai elderate, Kaunas, Lithuania.
  6. The building of the Ninth Fort, the latest fort, started in 1903 and was finished on the eve of World War I.
Ninth Fort of the Kaunas Fortress Facts
Ninth Fort of the Kaunas Fortress Facts

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