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Photographs to inspire you to visit Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, which is part of the United Kingdom, and yes, Scotland is a separate country (some people don’t know that), Scotland also has its own crown jewels, which are located in side the Edinburgh castle.

It’s a city that should be explored by more travelers as it offers a lot, from its castles to it Royal Yacht Britannia, it’s a city that you should add to your travel destination.

Here’s some photographs to get you inspired to visit Edinburgh!


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  1. Photographs to inspire you to visit Edinburgh, Scotland – Places picked by Brani
  2. Great collection of photos—looking forward to taking some of my own! 🔮🙏

  3. Gorgeous pictures!! My husband and I are visiting in the summer. Wondering what transportation you think is best while traveling the UK and the rest of Europe?

  4. So beautiful. That’s what Edinburgh really looks like although I never manage to capture it as well.

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