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Researchers are now developing a way to fix failing hearts

Researchers are now developing a way to fix injuries to hearts, they are using grafts of heart tissues to try and fix failing hearts in pigs, if the study goes on it could possibly one day help hearts heal in patients who are having heart failure, one of the most common ways a heart fails is due to heart attacks. This is still early stages in developing a cure for failing hearts, and a lot of research still needs to be done before any tests on humans goes underway.

After a heart failure it can lead to a loss of heart muscle tissue, the heart cant repair itself, scientists are now thinking to use stem cells from humans to repair any damages that occurred, However implanting a person’s body with stem cells, can lead to a lot of cells not surviving.

Tests made on animals have found that its successful and can repair injured hearts.

This study was published by the Journal Science Transnational Medicine

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