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You can have a look at travel advice you i have provided, travel advice on every destination will be coming soon, Travel Guide

Lonely Planet; is usually my guide to    travelling to destination, they provide great information.


Websites such as SkyScanner, Last Minutes  and Monondo, I’ve have been using for a while now and they have been my best source for cheap flights, they haven’t failed me, yet!, however the more places you check the better, there’s always better deals and offers.

Secret flying is another way to check for best offers and deals, its what i used for travelling, you get deals such as flights from London to new York for less then £500 and other places.

3 Travel gear i have been using are provided in the list below, they are products i would recommended and have used and currently using right now, they are great equipment for travellers. Check My Travel Gear. 2 Travel insurance should be purchased every time you fly, you never know what may happen during your travels, it usually not expensive getting travel insurance around £3 to £10 depending on what time of insurance you are getting, i usually get travel insurance with my bank, which always converse me when i travel,  but sites like World Normads also provide great insurance. 5 For Accommodations, i usually visit different sites, depending on what time of travelling on doing, from backpacking to relaxing visits or even for parting, here are my recommendations. Hostel World; provides get information about hostels, from what people thing of them and if they are really worth staying, specially if you are on a budget, this is what i usually use., and is my options for selecting great hotels for cheap price,you get great quality hotels for a reasonable price.
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