8 Fascinating Facts About Hallstatt

Facts about Hallstatt: Hallstatt is known for its production of salt, dating back to prehistoric times. Hallstatt is at the core of the “Hallstatt-Dachstein/Salzkammergut Cultural [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Melk

Facts About Melk: In 1950, the first official women’s Austrian Chess Championship was held in Melk, the winner of which was Salome Reischer. The town is first mentioned as Medilica in 831 [...]

5 Interesting Gosau Facts

Facts About Gosau: Gosau is situated along the Gosaubach stream in the Salzkammergut region. In the past timber production and salt mining in neighboring Hallstatt were the major industries in [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Salzburg

Facts About Salzburg: Austrian German is widely written. Austro-Bavarian is the German dialect of this territory and widely spoken. Traces of human settlements have been found in the area, dating [...]

10 Wonderful Facts About Linz

Facts About Linz:  Linz is well known for the Linzer torte, which is said to be the oldest cake in the world, with its first recipe dating from 1653. Linz is the capital city of Upper Austria. [...]

10 Wonderful Facts About Graz

Facts About Graz Graz is the second biggest city in Austria and the capital of Styria. The oldest reference to Graz in historical documents is from 1128. Graz was designated the Cultural Capital [...]

10 Wonderful Facts About Kitzbühel

Facts about Kitzbühel An International Polkafest was held in Kitzbühel in 1978. The first known settlers were Illyrians mining copper in the hills around Kitzbühel between 1100 and 800 BC. [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Achen Lake

Facts About Achen Lake: The city of Innsbruck bought the lake in 1919 from the St. Georgenberg-Fiecht Abbey, who had received it from the rulers of Schlitters around 1120. Since 1924, the lake is [...]