10 Interesting Facts About Kretinga

Facts About Kretinga Kretinga is the 6th largest town in the ethnographic region of Samogitia and the 17th largest town in Lithuania. Kretinga is a town in Klaipėda County, Lithuania and is the [...]

8 Interesting Facts About Plungė

Facts About Plungė On January 13, 1792, Plungė was granted Magdeburg rights. Origin of the name Plungė is not clear enough. The most persuasive theory is that the name of the city is issued from [...]

7 Amazing Panemunės pilis Facts

Panemunės pilis Facts Panemunė Castle is a castle on the right bank of the Nemunas River, in Vytėnai, Jurbarkas district, Lithuania. The initial hill fort of the Teutonic Knights, erected in 1343 [...]

8 Interesting Facts About Gates of Dawn

Facts About Gates of Dawn The landmark is mentioned in a poem of Maksim Bahdanovich Pahonia (1913) and its emblem Pahonia, as well as in Pan Tadeusz. In the 16th-century city gates often [...]

8 Interesting Bernardine Park Facts

Bernardine Park Facts Until the 14th century, in the territory of Bernardine garden there was a Lithuanian pagan saint oaks wood. In 1864 the Russian tsar government closed the Bernardine garden, [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Telšiai

Facts About Telšiai Telšiai is one of the oldest cities in Lithuania, probably dating earlier than the 14th century. Telšiai became a district capital and between 1795 and 1802 it was included in [...]

7 Interesting Facts About Ukmergė

Facts About Ukmergė The city took its original name Vilkmergė from the Vilkmergėlė River, which was initially called Vilkmergė and assumed a diminutive form after the growth of the settlement. [...]

8 Interesting Facts About Visaginas

Facts About Visaginas Visaginas is the centre of Lithuania’s youngest municipality, located on the north-eastern edge of the country. The surroundings of Visaginas were inhabited by the [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Tauragė

Facts About Tauragė The Population of Tauragė is 21,520 as of 2020. Tauragė received its city charter only in 1924 and its coat of arms in 1997. Tauragė is situated on the Jūra River, close to [...]