20 Interesting Facts About Riga

Facts About Riga The city is served by Riga International Airport, the largest and busiest airport in the Baltic states. Riga is the capital city of Latvia. Riga was founded in 1201 and is a [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Rēzekne

Facts About Rēzekne Rēzekne is a city in the Rēzekne River valley in Latgale region of eastern Latvia. Rēzekne is known as ‘The Heart of Latgale’. In Latgalian name of the city is [...]

7 Interesting Facts About Ogre, Latvia

Facts About Ogre Ogre is composed of three parts: Jaunogre, Ogre, and Pārogre. The Ogre village was first mentioned in 1206, called “Oger” in German. Ogre is twinned with: Ånge, [...]

9 Interesting Facts About Jelgava

Facts About Jelgava Until 1917, the city was officially referred to as Mitau. The name Jelgava is believed to be derived from the Livonian word jālgab, meaning “town on the river.” [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Valmiera

Facts About Valmiera The name was derived from the Old German given name Waldemar or the Slavic name Vladimir. Valmiera was first mentioned as a town in a chronicle dating back to 1323. Version [...]

7 Interesting Facts About Olaine

Facts About Olaine Olaine is twinned with: Karlskoga, Sweden; Nowa Sarzyna, Poland; Ödeshög, Sweden; Riihimäki, Finland & Vadstena, Sweden. Olaine is home of Olainfarm, the second-largest [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Daugavpils

Facts About Daugavpils There are around 140 Streets in Daugavpils. Daugavpils is a city in south-eastern Latvia, located on the banks of the Daugava River, from which the city gets its name. [...]

8 Interesting Facts About Sigulda

Facts About Sigulda Sigulda is a small town in the region of Sigulda in Latvia. Sigulda received its town rights in 1928. The Gutmanis Cave lies halfway between Sigulda Castle and Turaida Castle [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Cēsis

Facts About Cēsis The oldest settlement in Cēsis is the hillfort on Riekstu hill, a fortified wooden castle built by a tribe known as the Vends. The planning of the town of Cēsis was done in the [...]