Lyon Coat of Arms and Flag

Lyon Coat of Arms The coat of arms has a lion symbol and has been used on the seals of the city since the 13th century, it was granted to the city by King Philippe V in 1320, since then the coat [...]

Aberdeen Coat of arms and Flag

Aberdeen Coat of Arms The coat of arms consists of three towers within a border, which are decorated with Fleur-de-lis, the three castle represent the three buildings that stood on the three [...]

Lucca Coat of Arms and Flag

Lucca Coat of Arms   Truncated silver and red. The coat of arms is surmounted by a marquis crown and is surrounded by a branch of oak and one of laurel knotted together by a red ribbon with [...]

London Coat of Arms and Flag

London Coat of Arms The Coat of Arms of the City of London is the Official coat of arms of London. The City of London has a number of different shields on which the arms are displayed on and the [...]