5 Amazing Facts about Eupen

Eupen City




  1. The Official Language of Eupen is German.

  2. After World War I, the Treaty of Versailles transferred Eupen from Germany to Belgium.

  3. Eupen is the Capital city of Belgium’s German-Speaking Community.

  4. The old French name of the town was Néau.

  5. Eupen’s association football team, the K.A.S Eupen is the first German-speaking Community to play in the Belgian Pro.

The Hohes Venn, Eifel Nature Park

High Fens – Eifel Nature Park

The German-Belgian High Fens is a Nature Park located between Langerwehe and Eupen in the north and Bad Münstereifel, Prüm and Sankt Vith in the south. The Eifel Nature park covers six areas:

The Hohes Venn – Eifel Nature Park

  • The Rur Eifel
  • The High Eifel
  • The Limestone Eifel
  • The Our valley
  • The Venn Foreland
  • The Hohes Venn

The Emblem of the Nature Park: the black grouse.

Area: 2,485 km2 (959 sq mi)

In 1960 Hubert Schmitt-Degenhardt who was the president of the Aachen District, established the North Eifel Nature Park, However in 1971 the park merged with the Belgian Parc Naturel Hautes Fagnes to become the Hohes Venn – Eifel Nature Park.


North Rhine-Westphalia and
Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Liège, Belgium

Chocolaterie Jacques

Chocolaterie Jacques

Chocolaterie Jacques is a Belgian company founded in 1896 by Antoine Jacques and located in Eupen in the eastern province of Liège .

Antoine Jacques invented and launched the chocolate stick in 1936. The chocolate stick made up of six detachable pieces is still the best known product of the brand.

In October 1993 the Chocolate factory opened up a Museum showing the public video animations, old objects such as the chocolate molds, albums and packaging, you can also look at the production hall on a footbridge above, so the works wouldn’t get disturbed.



During the end of your tour, you can visit the Gourment Space which allows everyone to get to buy the products from the Jacques assortment as well as various items: pralines, biscuits, marzipans and other confectionery specialties .

Chocolaterie Jacques

[su_note note_color=”#000000″ text_color=”#ffffff”]Opening Hours[/su_note]

Monday Closed
Tuesday 11:00 AM–4:30 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM–4:30 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM–4:30 PM
Friday 11:00 AM–3:30 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

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Address: Industriestr. 16, 4700 Eupen, Belgium

Eupen Statistics and figures

Eupen City

Eupen In Numbers


About Eupen

Area 40.05 sq mi
Postal Codes 4700, 4701
Area Codes  087
Country Belgium
Region Wallonia
Province Liège
Local dialing code 087
Elevation 260m



 Population 19,461  2017
 Population Density 480/sq mi  2016
 Males  9,541  2017
 Females  9,920  2017


Population Nationalities

Belgium 16,115  2011
European Union  1,908  2011
Europe (other)  534  2011
Africa 148  148  2011
Other Nationality 394 2011


Population Age Distribution

 0 – 9 years  1,920 2011
 10 – 19 years  2,350 2011
 20 – 29 years  2,411 2011
 30 – 39 years  2,112 2011
 40 – 49 years  3,069 2011
 50 – 59 years  2,622 2011
60 – 69 years 2,059 2011
70 – 79 years 1,697 2011
80+ years 859 2011




Lake Eupen

Lake Eupen

Lake Eupen was created due to a dam that was built on the river Vesdre in 1938 and by 1950 it was inaugurated by Prince Charles of Belgium.

The German population of Eupen refer to the river as Vesdre as Weser, which is distinct from the Weser river in North Germany.


Area 311 acres
Surface elevation 1,181′
Length 1.864 mi
Width 984′
Volume 0.005998 cubic miles
Water volume 25×106 m3 (20,000 acre·ft)
Surface elevation 360 m (1,180 ft)
Islands 0


lake eupen


4700 Eupen

Naturzentrum Haus Ternell

Naturzentrum Haus Ternell

The Nature Center offers its visitors and locals advance training in natural and environmental pedagogy and number of different leisure activities.

Within the centre you can find a wonderful Museum, which has native plants and animals on display to view.

Some attractions you can find in the museum are:

  • A collection of edible and poisonous mushrooms
  • Extinct animals of the region such as wolf and raven
  • The ants and their neighbors
  • The fauna of the Venn region

And so much more…

The Naturzentrum Haus Ternell has been a Regional Center for Environmental Education recognized by the Walloon Region since 1999.

[su_box title=”Opening Hours”]

Thursday 10:00 AM–12:00 PM, 1:00 PM–5:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM–12:00 PM, 1:00 PM–5:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM–5:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM–5:00 PM
Monday 10:00 AM–12:00 PM, 1:00 PM–5:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM–12:00 PM, 1:00 PM–5:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM–12:00 PM, 1:00 PM–5:00 PM


Museum Entry Fee

Group Type Price Price for group size 15+
Adults €2,00 €1,50
Children €1,00 €0,75
Disabled and senior citizens: €1,50 €1,00


Map Location

Address: Monschauer Straße Ternell 2, 4700 Eupen, Belgium

IKOB International Art Centre East Belgium

IKOB International Art Centre East Belgium

IKOB International Art Centre founded in 1993 by Francis Feidler and has been the director of IKOB until Devember 2012, Dr. Maïté Vissault took over in January 2013.

Museum of Contemporary art is located East of Belgium, close to the German and Dutch borders, due to its location the language spoken in the area is German.

The main focus of the museum is leading and emerging contemporary art, which it has significant collections, who are put on temporary display.

Since early 2000’s  the Museum’s organises an international program of exhibitions in new galleries and adding to its own collection.

Every Year the IKOB International Art Centre gives away awards to the best emerging artists with the grand prize of €5,000.

IKOB International Art Centre

[su_box title=”Opening Hours”]

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 1:00 PM–18:00 PM
Thursday 1:00 PM–18:00 PM
Friday 1:00 PM–18:00 PM
Saturday 1:00 PM–18:00 PM
Sunday 1:00 PM–18:00 PM


Map Location

Address: Rotenberg 12, 4700 Eupen, Belgium

Photographs of Eupen

Photos of Eupen

Eupen is part of the Liege Province, its close borders with German and also has a massive German speaking community, the city was first mentioned in 1213 and at that time belonged to the Duchy of Limburg, However after the 1919, during the first world war, the treaty of Versailles, transferred the city of Eupen to Belgium.

Information and statistics

Area: 103.74 km2
Short Code used for Eupen is “EUPE”
Latitude: 50.633
Longitude: 6.033
The currency circulated here is Euro.
Official website: eupen.be


Photos of Eupen Photos of Eupen Photos of Eupen Photos of Eupen Photos of Eupen Photos of Eupen Photos of Eupen Photos of Eupen Photos of Eupen Photos of Eupen Photos of Eupen Photographs of Eupen 1



Eupen, Liège, Belgium