Lungo il Tevere Festival

Lungo il Tevere Festival is a summer-long festival with live music, bars, craft stalls and exhibitions as well as film screenings and sports activities all surrounding the banks of the river [...]

La Tomatina Festival

La Tomatina is festival that happens ever year on the last Wednesday of August, located in the Bunol Town, In the Valencia province, Spain. It’s known as the ‘World’s Biggest Food Fight’. At 11 [...]

Holi Festival of colour and love

Holi is an ancient Hindu Religious festival, the festival is celebrating the start of spring and the end of winter however it also celebrates the victory of good over evil, Holi is religious [...]

9 Reasons to go travelling

Travelling around the world shouldn’t need any excuses or reasons but I have provided some of my ideas and hopefully it will make help you make your mind up about what to do and how travelling [...]

12 ways Opening a Beer via Giphy

We all know that some times opening a bottle of beer is simple and can be done in seconds with a bottle opener but what if you don't have a bottle opener and don't like using your teeth, here are [...]