20 Interesting Lake Geneva Facts

Lake Geneva is a crescent-shaped lake shared between France and Switzerland, and overlooked by the Alps. Lake Geneva Facts The largest city on the shores of Lake Geneva in Geneva. Lake Geneva has [...]

The Olympic Museum Facts

Facts About The Olympic Museum: The Olympic Museum is located in Lausanne. The museum is the largest archive of Olympic Games in the world. The Museum is one of Lausanne’s largest tourist [...]

20 Amazing Facts About Lausanne

Lausanne is a city on Lake Geneva, in the French-speaking region of Vaud, Switzerland. Lausanne Facts The city is the capital of the district, Lausanne. Two-thirds of the population speak [...]

Lausanne Cathedral Facts

The Cathedral of Notre Dame of Lausanne is a church located in the city of Lausanne, in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. It belongs to the Evangelical Reformed Church of the Canton of Vaud. [...]