List of Famous Welsh People

ist of Famous Welsh People, Film Director Terry Jones, King Owain Glyndŵr, Athlete Jamie Baulch, Scientist Robert Recorde, Famous Welsh People Tom Thomas

List of Famous Spanish People

List of Famous Spanish People, Spanish MonarchsIsabella I reigned as Queen of Castile, Explorer Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, novelist Federica Montseny, Famous Spaniards

List of Famous French People

Famous French People from Royals Louis XIV, Policaticians Jacques Chirac, Soldiers François Darlan to Inventors Alexandre Godefroy,Famous French People

31 Amazing Facts About Paris

FUN & INTERESTING FACTS PARIS Built in 1604, The Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge in Paris. Paris Metro is the 4th largest public transport system in the World with 302 stations. Paris has 830 [...]

List of Cities in Belgium

Belgium is a European Country that’s part of the European Union, has an area of 11,787 sq mi and Population over 11 Million. The Biggest city by Population and size is Brussels, Brussels [...]

List of Cities and Towns in Spain

List of Cities and Towns in Spain The list is organized in alphabetical order, first by the Autonomous community and then by Province, followed by City and Town Names. Spain has 44 Cities but [...]

Cities in the United Kingdom

City status in the United Kingdom is granted by the British monarch to some communities.  Becoming a city is not automatic, but many people think that any town that has a cathedral is a city. [...]