Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum is situated on the Bygdøy peninsula in Oslo, Norway. the museum is most famous for the completely whole Oseberg ship

Villa Demoiselle

Villa Demoiselle combines Art Nouveau and Art Deco style, In 1999 the Villa Demoiselle was put under the protection of the city of Reims, Villa Demoiselle

Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles built in 1712 in Paris was the official residence of the French monarchy during the 17th and 18th centuries, Palace of Versailles, king’s State Apartments were constructed [...]

Les Invalides

Les Invalides is known as Hotel National des Invalides, is a complex of buildings, containing museums and monuments dedicated to the Military history of France. The original purpose of the [...]

Pitt Rivers Museum

Pitt Rivers Museum is also known as The University of Oxford’s museum of anthropology and world archaeology, founded in 1884 and named after the General and founder of [...]

Ashmolean Museum

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology in Oxford was founded in 1683, Ashmolean Museum is the oldest public museum in the World and has one of the most important Arts and archaeology [...]

Barquentine Mercator

Barquentine Mercator is a ship built in 1932, designed by the Antarctic explorer Adrien de Gerlache, Barquentine Mercator was named after Gerard Mercator who was a Flemish cartographer, [...]