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Countries That Start With The Letter N

Countries That Start With The Letter N

There are Eleven countries with their names beginning with ‘N’. Nigeria has the largest population out of all countries with letter “N” and Nauru has the lowest population.  The following are countries starting with the Letter “N” Nigeria Nepal North Korea Niger Netherlands Nicaragua Norway New Zealand Namibia North Macedonia Nauru Which Countries Start With […]

Deventer Statistics and figures


Deventer in numbers POPULATION [su_table] Population 98,510 (2017) Population Density 1,950/sq mi (2017) Families 44,658 (2015) Males % 49.5 (2015) Females % 50.5 (2015) Foreigners % 4.7 (2015) Average age (years) 40.2 (2015) Age Group Population Year Updated 0-14 years 17,057 (2017) 15-64 years 65,127 (2017) 65+ years 17,111 (2017) Urbanization Population Year Updated Highly urbanized […]