Sint-Petrus-en-Pauluskerk is known as the church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, is a Roman Catholic Neo-Gothic church, Sint-Petrus-en-Pauluskerk replaced the old St Peters church which burned down in 1896, King Leopold II laid the first stone in 1901, Sint-Petrus-en-Pauluskerk treasures include embroidered robes

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10 Interesting facts about Ostend

Ostend facts

Fun and Interesting facts about Ostend

  1. Comic Le Bal Du Rat Mort is about a dreadful invasion of rats and its set in Ostend.

  2. Ostend is connected to Bruges and Ghent by Canals.

  3. Ostend was the last Dutch stronghold in Belgium in 1583.

  4. During World War I Ostend was a major German Submarine base until the sinking of the British blockship Vindictive sealed the port in 1918.

  5. Ostend has been used as a film location by a number of directors, movies: Place Vendôme, Armaguedon and Ex Drummer.

  6. Ostend has over five and a half miles of sandy beaches.

  7. Ostend is part of the Flanders region in Belgium and is the 9th biggest city in Flanders by Population.

  8. Ostend is only 6 meters above sea level.

  9. During a Three years siege in 1604, Ostend was left totally destroyed by the Spaniards under the Ambrogio Spinola.

  10. Ostend was given communal charter in 1267. (List of all Belgium cities communal charters)

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Photographs of Ostend

photos of Ostend

Ostend is a coastal city located in the west Flanders province of Belgian, Ostend is the largest coast city in Belgian.

Information and Statistics 
  • Total area: 37.72 km2
  • Postal codes: 8400
  • Area codes: 059

Official city website:

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Ostend, Flemish Region, Belgium

Coordinates: 51°14′N 02°55′E