10 Interesting Facts About Książ Castle

Facts About Książ Castle A first fortification at the site was destroyed by the Bohemian forces of King Ottokar II in 1263. The second castle complex was devastated in 1482 by Georg von Stein, a [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Modlin Fortress

Facts About Modlin Fortress Modlin Fortress was originally constructed by the French from 1806 to 1812. Modlin Fortress is one of the largest 19th-century fortresses in Poland. Modlin Fortress is [...]

10 Facts About Imperial Castle, Poznań

Facts About Imperial Castle The Imperial Castle in Poznań, popularly called Zamek. Imperial Castle was constructed under the German rule in 1910 by Franz Schwechten for William II, German [...]

7 Interesting Facts About Giewont

Facts About Giewont Giewont is composed of dolomite and limestone caves, as well as gneiss and granite in the southern section. On Great Giewont, there is a 15 m steel cross, erected in 1901, the [...]

8 Facts About St. Florian’s Gate

Facts About St. Florian’s Gate St. Florian’s Gate was built as part of a protective rampart around Kraków after the Tatar attack of 1241 which destroyed most of the city. [...]

10 Interesting Zamek Ogrodzieniec Facts

Zamek Ogrodzieniec Facts Zamek Ogrodzieniec is a ruined medieval castle in the semi-mountainous highland region called the Polish Jura in south-central Poland. Established in the early 12th [...]