40 Amazing Facts about Rome

Fun & Interesting  Facts About Rome Rome Hosted the 1960 Summer Olympics. Rome is the seat of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, FAO. Rome became the capital city of Kingdom of [...]

22 Interesting Facts About Oxford

Interesting facts about Oxford   The University of Oxford is the Worlds Second Oldest University. The Name Oxford comes from the World Oxanforda, which means cattle crossing. During the [...]

10 Amazing Facts about Hoorn

FUN & INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT HOORN   Old Legend says that Hoorn was be founded by Hornus, Hornus would have established a settlement In 716, Western Friesland. However, this is just a [...]

London Statistics

London Statistics. London In Numbers Housing Gap There has been an increase of 540,000 households in London over ten years but only 430,000 new homes built. London Overground There are 83 [...]

Glasgow Statistics and figures

Glasgow In Numbers   Estimated population of Glasgow City By Age Group Births in Glasgow City Deaths and age specific death rates by age group Percentage of ethnic minorities in Glasgow Year [...]