40 Amazing Facts about Rome

Rome Facts

Fun & Interesting  Facts About Rome

  1. Rome Hosted the 1960 Summer Olympics.

  2. Rome is the seat of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, FAO.

  3. Rome became the capital city of Kingdom of Italy in 1870, which was previously held by Florence.

  4. Rome is known as the “Caput Mundi”, which translates from Latin, means “Capital of the World”.

  5. Rome is also known as the “Eternal City”.

  6. You can find around 280 fountains in Rome and the best thing is, you can drink from them.

  7. Rome is home to 900 Churches.

  8. Rome has more Christian churches than any other city in the World.

  9. You can find a Museum dedicated to Pasta in Rome, Museum of pasta food.

  10. The University of Rome, La Sapienza was established in 1303 AD, its the first University of Rome and is the largest University in Europe and second largest in the world.

  11. Rome was founded in 753 BC by Romulus.

  12. The Comune of Rome covers an overall area of 496 square miles.

  13. Rome coat of arms you see SPQR, which stands for “Senatus Populusque Romanus” and translates to “The Senate and the people of Rome”, you see this symbol SPQR all around the city.

  14. In Ancient Rome if you were free-born in Rome, Roman men were allowed to wear togas, which showed that they are citizens of Rome and if you were a woman, you would wear stoles, a different version of Toga which is made from Linen.

  15. The Romans had special toga cleaners called fullers.

  16. The Rome’s Mascot is a she-wolf, which cared for the Brothers Romulus and Remus, who are the legendary founders of Rome.

  17. The Romans would sometimes flood the whole Colosseum or Circus Maximus for a boat battle.

  18. In Ancient Rome women would dye their hair with goat fat and beech wood ashes, popular colours were blonde and red.

  19. Vatican city is enclaved within the city of Rome.

  20. Every Year, nearly 700,000 Euros worth of coins is tossed into the Rome’s Trevi Fountain and the proceeds are donated to Caritas, a Catholic charity to help those in need.

  21. Rome’s first shopping mall was built between 107 and 110 AD by Emperor Trajan.

  22. The Romans built a road network of 53,000 miles by the early fourth century, each Roman mile was about 1,000 paces or 4,800 feet and was then marked by a milestone.

  23. Rome is older than Italy, Italy did not become a unified nation until late in the 19th century and Rome was founded around 53 B.C, making Rome  2,500 years older than republic of Italy.

  24. Cats have a special law in Rome, A Roman law states that if at least five cats are living together, they cannot be “scatted”, this is why Rome has around 300,000 cats.

  25. Rome was the first modern city to reach a population of 1 Million.

  26. Ancient Rome was at least six times more densely populated than present-day New York City.

  27. The Colosseum of Rome is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

  28. A man could lose Roman citizenship if he deserted the arm.

  29. Ancient Romans celebrated a festival called “Saturnalia” in which slaves and their masters would switch places.

  30. The word “palace” comes from the Palatine Hill, where Augustus established the emperors’ tradition of building their palaces.

  31. Owning land during the Roman empire was so important that almost all Roman citizens owned at least a small plot.

  32. Roman days were divided into 12 hours, measured by a sundial.

  33. In Rome the Purple clothing was a status symbol and reserved only for emperors or senators.

  34. Rome Didn’t Become a Part of Italy until September 1870.

  35. There is a secret passage that’s leading from Vatican City to Castel Sant’Angelo.

  36. The Ancient city of Rome is about 30 feet below the modern street level.

  37. It is said that Romans used to throw Christians to the Lions in the Colosseum however there is no Proof to this myth.

  38. estimated population of Rome is 2,869,461, The urban area has a population of 3.8 million and the 4.3 million living in the metropolitan area. (2016).

  39. Elevation of Rome is 69 ft.

  40. Rome ranked as the 14th-most-visited city in the world, 3rd most visited in the European Union, and the most popular tourist attraction in Italy.


50 Fun and Interesting Facts About England

Facts Engalnd, United Kingdom


  1. England’s Highest Point is the Scafell Pike, standing at 3210 ft.

  2. The Lowest Point in England is the Fens, 15 feet below sea level.

  3. The Longest River in England is the Thames, 346 km However the Severn is Official Britain’s longest river.

  4. The Largest lake in England is Windermere, 14.7 sq km.

  5. England borders with Scotland and Wales, however, France is only 35 km away, England and France are linked by a tunnel under the English Channel.

  6. No Government or Parliament just for England, since 1707, when Great Britain was established.

  7. England national football team won the World Cup In 1966.

  8. Cheddar Cheese comes from England.

  9. England is split into 48 ceremonial counties.

  10. England is the most populated and biggest country in the United Kingdom.

  11. England is made up of many small islands, such as the Isle of Wight, the Isles of Scilly and Hayling Island.

  12. England Hosted Three Summer Olympic Games in 1908, 1948 and most recently 2012.

  13. The Capital City of England is London, England’s second capital in Birmingham followed by Manchester.

  14. Time Berners-Lee an English Computer Scientist is credited with inventing the Wolrd Wide Web, He donated the WWW to everyone to use for free.

  15. Passenger railways were started in England.

  16. England Inventions: the first computer, HTML, The seat belt, the hovercraft, the Industrial Spinning Machine and the World Wide Web, Among other things.

  17. The birthplace of the Industrial Revolution began in England.

  18. The Bank of England started in 1694.

  19. The official home of the British Monarch is Buckingham Palace in London, England.

  20. England has produced some of the most influential and important bands and pop artists, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queen, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and The Who.

  21. Norwich is the only city in England to have been named a “City of Literature” by UNESCO.

  22. The Queen is not allowed to set foot in the House of Commons.

  23. England was part of the shortest war in history. They fought Zanzibar in 1896 and Zanzibar surrendered after just 38 minutes.

  24. The highest temperature ever recorded in England was 38.5°C, in Brogdale, Kent, on 10 August 2003.

  25. English people consume more tea per capita than anybody else in the world.

  26. French was the official language of England for about 300 years, from 1066 till 1362.

  27. British police do not carry guns except in emergencies.

  28. Nowhere in the UK is more than 70 miles.

  29. Famous English Scientists including Stephen Hawking, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Jane Goodall among many others.

  30. England Has Many Weird Village Traditions, such as cheese rolling.

  31. It Is A Criminal Offense to Stick A Postage Stamp To An Envelope Upside Down

  32. The only city in England to be named as a World Heritage City by UNESCO is Bath.

  33. The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, is head of state and does not govern the country.

  34. The London Eye is the tallest observation wheel in the world.

  35. The English and British Currency is called the Pounds Sterling ‘£’.

  36. The name “England” is derived from the Old English name Englaland, which means “land of the Angles“.

  37. The Barbary Lion is a national animal of England.

  38. The red rose is widely recognised as the national flower of England.

  39. There is a limit of 12 minutes of commercials, per hour of television, in England.

  40. England has more Chickens than people.

  41. In England, it’s legal to consume alcohol on private premises from the age of 5.

  42. The Queen owns all unmarked swans in open water and she is the “officially appointed ‘Swan Keeper’ of England.”, this means harming a swan can land you in prison.

  43. London is the world’s largest financial centre.

  44. The world’s oldest public zoo was opened in London in 1828.

  45. The first public theatre built in England was called The Theatre.

  46. The Official Language of England is English.

  47. England’s National Day is St George’s Day, April 23rd.

  48. England is the second largest economy in Europe.

  49. The first building to overtake the Great Pyramid of Giza was the Lincoln Cathedral in 1280. It held the title of the highest construction ever built until 1884.

  50. London’s Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom and the third busiest airport in the world.

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22 Interesting Facts About Oxford

Oxford facts

Interesting facts about Oxford


  1. The University of Oxford is the Worlds Second Oldest University.

  2. The Name Oxford comes from the World Oxanforda, which means cattle crossing.

  3. During the Civil War from 1642 to 1646, Oxford was the Capital of England.

  4. During the World War II, England was never bombed because Hitler was intending to use Oxford as his Capital if he conquered England.

  5. Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) went to Oxford University.

  6. 27 British Prime Ministers were educated at Oxford University.

  7. The Oxford Motto is “Fortis est veritas” which means “The truth is strong”.

  8. The People of Oxford are known as Oxonian.

  9. Oxford was used as a filming location for Harry Potter and Actress Emma Watson (Hermione Granger in Harry Potter) went to school here.

  10. Oxford has its own use for a comma, known as the Oxford Comma and is used after conduction in a list of three or more.

  11. The first colleges of Oxford opened in the 13th century, however, no female students were allowed until 1878.

  12. Roger Bannister, who was a Medical student at Oxford, was the first person to run a mile in less than four minutes. His time was 3mins 59.4 seconds.

  13. There are 38 individual colleges and 5 private halls at Oxford.

  14. Famous English rock band Radiohead was formed while attending the Abingdon School in Oxford.

  15. Oxford’s Botanic Garden is the oldest in the World, Founded in 1621 as a Physic Garden.

  16. The oldest Music performance hall in Europe is located in Oxford, the Holywell Music Room, which was built in 1748.

  17. Since 1478 Books have been printed in Oxford.

  18. Oxford has more published writers per square mile, than anywhere in the World.

  19. Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum was the first Museum in the World to be opened to the public, officially opened in 1683.

  20. Oxford was ranked first in the world in the Times Higher Education, World University Rankings for 2017 and 2018.

  21. During the Medieval times, students at Oxford University were not allowed to marry by the rules of the church, this is why the first degrees awarded is called “Bachelor of Arts”.

  22. The Bodleian Library is the Second largest Library in England.

10 Amazing Facts about Hoorn

photos of hoorn



  1. Old Legend says that Hoorn was be founded by Hornus, Hornus would have established a settlement In 716, Western Friesland. However, this is just a legend.

  2. Hoorn was established as a city in 1357, city rights were given by Willem V.

  3. After Amsterdam, Hoorn is the next most important city.

  4. On the 26th of March 2018, Hoorn will celebrate 666 years as a city.

  5. Cape Horn, the most southerly point of the Americas, was named after the town by Willem Schouten, who circled it in 1616.

  6. The Hoorn Islands of the Oceanian nation of Wallis and Futuna are also named after this city.

  7. Hoorn is connected to the Dutch railway network and has two stations: Hoorn and Hoorn Kersenboogerd.

  8. Stephan van den Berg was the world’s first Olympian windsurfer, he was born in Hoorn.

  9. The town hosts a popular cheese market which includes presentations about cheese production, performances and even activities for children

  10. Hoorn had a population of 72,707 in 2017


London Statistics

London stats

London Statistics. London In Numbers

Housing Gap

  • There has been an increase of 540,000 households in London over ten years but only 430,000 new homes built.

London Overground

  • There are 83 stations on the London Overground.

The Tube

  • There are 270 stations on London’s tube network covering a total route of 402km (250 miles).

London’s busiest station

  • Waterloo is London’s busiest railway station with around 82 million passengers per year.

Cost of services

  • Between them, London’s 33 councils will spend about £15.6 billion on providing services such as education, public health, social care, waste management, housing and culture in 2013/14

Population of London

Population  2010 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
London  7,825 Million 8.3 Million 8.41 Million 8.5 Million 8.674 Million 8.788 million

Business Districts

London has five major business districts: the City, Westminster, Canary Wharf, Camden & Islington and Lambeth & Southwark.

Business District Office Space m2  Business Concentration
City of London 7,740,000 Finance, broking, insurance, legal, fund managers, banking
Westminster 5,780,000 Head offices, real estate, private banking, hedge funds, government
Camden & Islington 2,294,000 Creative industries, finance, design, art, fashion, architecture, media
Canary Wharf 2,120,000 Banking, media, legal
Lambeth & Southwark 1,780,000 Accountancy, consultancy, local government

Number of people working in the city of London

UK business register and employment survey







City of London: Total employment

454,700 413,500 391,200 400,800 388,600

Tower Hamlets: Total employment

277,400 260,000 254,200 240,400 237,700

Westminster: Total employment

724,700 702,100 693,400 666,300 644,200

City of London: Financial services

164,000 161,600 147,600 159,300 155,000

Tower Hamlets (Canary Wharf): Financial services

72,400 67,900 72,400 72,600 74,600

Greater London: Financial services

362,100 356,100 343,600 360,000 357,900

Great Britain: Financial services

1,025,400 1,037,400 1,022,000 1,045,500 1,051,900


London Business Enterprise Births and Deaths in 2015


Enterprise Births

Enterprise Deaths

Net Start-ups rate

Inner London 55,295 30,785 8.5%
 – Inner West 27,985 16,270 7.3%
 – Inner East 27,310 14,515 10%
Outer London 45,625 26,045 7.7%
 – Outer West 20,240 12,170 6.9%
 – Outer East 15,410 7,945 9.9%
 – Outer South 9,975 5,980 6.6%
Greater London 383,075 252,040 8.1%

Source: ONS business demography 2015.

Commuting from outside London to inner London, by occupation, in 2015

Those who work in inner London, in lower skill jobs and lower pay jobs are less likely to travel from outside London to get to their work place.


Proportion of total commuters

from outside London to Inner London

Proportion of Inner

London Workforce

Managers, directors and senior officials 20.4% 14.4%
Professional occupations 30.7% 27.1%
Associate professional and technical occupations 25.4% 21.1%
Administrative and secretarial occupations 9.9% 10.1%
Skilled trades occupations 6.0% 6.0%
Caring, leisure and other service occupations 1.2% 5.2%
Sales and customer service occupations 1.9% 5.5.%
Process, plant and machine operatives 2.2% 3.1%
Elementary occupations 2.5% 7.4%

Source: ONS Annual Population Survey

Sources of funding for Transport for London in 2017-18

Grants: 25%

Fares: 47%

Other Incomes: 11%

Borrowing and Cash Reserves: 17%

Source: Transport for London Budget 2017-18

Religion In London

London has centers of worship for a multitude of faiths. Statistics year 2011.

Religion  In Numbers In Percentages %
Christian 3,957,984 48.42%
No religion 1,694,372 20.73%
Muslim 1,012,823 12.39%
Religion not stated 692,739 8.47%
Hindu 411,291 5.03%
Jewish 148,602 1.82%
Sikh 126,134 1.54%
Buddhist 82,026 1.00%
Other religion 47,970 0.59%

Note: Isolated Traveller will keep updating this post as regulary as possible, adding new statistics and information. 

Glasgow Statistics and figures


Glasgow In Numbers


Estimated population of Glasgow City

By Age Group


Age Group Male Population Female Population Total Population
0-15 49,750 47,782 97,532
16-29 71,239 73,563 144,802
30-44 67,001 65,340 132,341
45-59 57,289 62,410 119,699
60-74 34,833 37,763 72,596
75+ 14,163 25,207 39,370


Births in Glasgow City


Gender Births Year
Male 3,823 2014
Female 3,642 2014


Deaths and age specific death rates by age group


Age Groups Deaths in Glasgow City
0 90
1-14 44
15-29 191
30-44 735
45-64 3,371
65+ 14,578


Percentage of ethnic minorities in Glasgow


White 88.3% 2011
Asian  8.1% 2011
Black 2.4% 2011
Muslim 5.4% 2011


Year Population Growth Rate (%) Growth


Year Population Growth Rate Growth
2030 1,360,000 (estimated) 4.13% Table
2025 1,306,000 (estimated) 4.15% 52,000
2020 1,254,000 (estimated) 1.79% 22,000
2017 1,232,000 0.74% 9,000
2015 1,223,000 1.33% 16,000
2010 1,207,000 1.34% 16,000
2005 1,191,000 0.93% 11,000


Florence Statistics and figures

Photos of Florence, Italy

Florence In Numbers



Population 379,122 2014
Country Italy 2017
Region Tuscany 2017
Province Florence (FI) 2017
Time zone CET, UTC+1 2017
Dialing code 055 2017
Postal code 50100 2017
Patron Saint John the Baptist 2017
Coordinates 43°46′18″N 11°15′13″E / 43.77167, 11.25361 2017


Gender Ratio 


Population By Gender
Males 179,225 2016
Females 203,033 2016


Age Distribution


0-9 years 30,658 2015
10-19 years 31,099 2015
20-29 years 35,243 2015
30-39 years 48,202 2015
40-49 years 61,372 2015
50-59 years 55,154 2015
60-69 years 46,281 2015
70-79 years 40,470 2015
80+ years 34,329 2015





Italian 322,614 2016
Foreigners 59,644 2016


Crime reports:


Theft reports 6,000 (per 100,000 residents) 2017
malicious damage 1,101 (per 100,000 residents) 2017


 Temperature and Precipitation Per Month

[su_note note_color=”#650922″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”0″]Precipitation: the amount of rain, snow, hail, etc., that has fallen at a given place within a given period, usually expressed in inches or centimeters of water.[/su_note]


Months Warmest Coldest Precipitation
January 10.1°C 1.4°C 9
February 12.0°C 2.8°C 8
March 15.0°C 4.9°C 8
April 18.8°C 7.7°C 9
May 23.4°C 11.3°C 8
June 27.3°C 14.7°C 6
July 31.1°C 17.2°C 3
August 30.6°C 17.0°C 5
September 26.6°C 14.2°C 5
October 21.1°C 10.0°C 7
November 14.9°C 5.5°C 10
December 10.4°C 2.4°C 8