Travel Safety and Security advice

Travelling around the world you get to see a lot of things from good to bad, however in every country there are good people and there are some bad, its just how it goes, but travelling can be [...]

9 Reasons to go travelling

Travelling around the world shouldn’t need any excuses or reasons but I have provided some of my ideas and hopefully it will make help you make your mind up about what to do and how travelling [...]

How to make friends Traveling alone

Travelling alone for the first time or even your 10th time can be scary, you never know, what might happen, a lot of people actually put off travelling because they are scared to travel alone

Best Travel Tips

Just bit of advise for people who love to travel and those who always wanted to travel Don’t Go Into Debt Travelling abroad can be costly specially when you add up flights, transport, [...]

Last Minute Travels

Travelling can be a stressful time, specially when its a last minute vacation, however most people don't take any time off from their stressful work life, but having a holiday is really an [...]

TOP Travel Apps You Must Have

Smartphone have changed the way we travel, no more unnecessary time needed to plan a trip, learn the language or even book a hotel, you can do all of that now on your smartphones and thanks to [...]