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The Future of Cars chargemaster Future of Cars

The Future of Cars

Electric cars are the future by the looks of it, as more and more companies such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan and Tesla are all starting to develop electronic cars, all part of changing the environment and going green, saving the planet.

Many obstacles  such as the distance the new electric cars can travel, and charge points are not exactly found everywhere like petrol stations, this makes it difficult for any electrical car owner able to travel cross country, companies such as Tesla are putting their own charge points across country to make it more easier for their car owners to travel.

US of A are now planning to make charge points even more available by making sure that their are charging points ever 50 miles on the highway, this will make it a lot easier for electric cars to travel long distance.

The federal highway administration has stated that they need to accelerate the installation of electrical and alternative, This is because they are trying to help to cut down the carbon dioxide emissions. motor vehicles are currently the second biggest pollution causing climate change.

Tesla Model X

EU have also annoyed that they are planning to have 10% of all parking spaces to have a charging point by 2023, they are also planning to boost the market of electric cars, which will give a massive boost to the electric companies on sales and also improve on the problems such as time spent charging, limited charging points and the short range before electric cars have to stop and recharge.

United kingdom are also planning to have air clean zones which will give priority at traffic lights to electric cars, this is to promote more people to buy electric cars, this will also effect much older cars which will put restrictions on older, polluting commercial vehicles.

Could this mean an end to petrol and diesel cars, as technology improve so are the electric cars, soon petrol heads will have to ditch their carbon dioxide cars to more of a environmentally friendly vehicles.