The Olympic Museum Facts

Facts About The Olympic Museum:
  1. The Olympic Museum is located in Lausanne.
  2. The museum is the largest archive of Olympic Games in the world.
  3. The Museum is one of Lausanne’s largest tourist attraction, attracting more than 250,000 visitors each year.
  4. The Olympic Museum was founded on 23 June 1993.
  5. The Olympic Museum is surrounded by a park containing numerous works of art on the theme of sports.
  6. In 2013, The Olympic Museum was completely renovated and re-opened on 21 December 2013.
The Olympic Museum Facts 1

The Olympic Museum

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  • keithbracey

    Is there an admission charge and how long does it take to tour the #Olympic #Museum…..????

    • Isolated Traveller

      Tickets can be purchased directly at the Olympic Museum, no reservations are required. Full price Adults CHF 18 (£14.10) & Full price Children CHF 10 (£7.83).

      Recommended duration: 1h30 – 2h

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