Update – Report July 2017


Haven’t posted an update for the site in a while, about where its going and changes that might happen in the future.

last update was when i changed the address of the website from alonetraveller to isolatedtraveller, and a went from WordPress to self-hosting website, which changed the look of the website massively, however that’s the past, this is the next big update coming for our 1 year anniversary of this website/blog.

Currently have over 150+ posts and mostly there’s posts have been brief and quick but been posting over 15+ posts per months on average, however I’m planning for this website to have 250 + posts before we hit 1 year.

Last Month I have been posting but also working hard on the back-end of the website new pages, new design layout and new logo that I’m planning for the website to have, little bit of a new look, not a new theme but new look for pages and posts layouts

However i have been looking for a new theme but just can’t find a theme better then my current one.

Here is the list of projects, i have been working on, over the past few weeks and months

Latest project: 

  • Destinations page, layout of all 7 continents (mostly been working on the European continent but other continents will get a update soon)
  • Over 50 new cities been added (more will be added over time)
  • 16 New countries been added (more countries will be added soon)
  • Statistics and information about each country (economy, trade, population etc.)
  • 2 new ebooks being developed by me over 40 pages each plus more will be added
  • New Font, Colour, Images quality
  • More User Friendly design in pages and posts

Other things, that needs sorting out:

  • Older pages will all receive a update, still figuring out how they should be layout or removed as they are not needed any more
  • New Main Menu, getting rid of different pages/menus that are no longer required
  • setting a path where this website should be going and best way to do it
  • blog posts being more in dept and more SEO friendly
  • posts being longer then 600 words, with real source and depth into how each information was gathered

all of the things i have mentioned is being worked on and over time, hopefully improve the way the website is and will hopefully have a community that reads and posts on our blog daily.

updates will release on our 1 year anniversary however small changes will be published over time, leading up to it.


Traffic so far been okay, could be better however its been decent and steady, but hoping this triples following our 2nd year. so far we have over 45k visitors within 9 months.


Building a website and providing content is time consuming however it only costs a little bit to fun the website once you have it all set up.

Cost of running this website, have been all paid by me, not looking for any profit, as im enjoying posting and creating content.


£100 on Three years self-hosting

£15 on software for logo design

£30 on 2 domains, that i paid for

£70 for WordPress premium (not worth it, if you have self hosting)

additional costs will be on second year for domain name

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