-December 2017

Complete redesign of the website, new theme, new layout and animations:

Design Changes:

  • Home page had a full rework.
  • Contact Us, About Us and Write for Us; Change in layout and content.
  • eBook Collection: Change of layout and content with buttons.
  • Blog Posts: Each post has a new look now compare to the old one.
  • European Cities: had a new look, with custom boxes re worked to make them look better and easier to use with animations.
  • Each European City had a slight redesign and new details added.
  • Country Statistics no changes made (will be redesign in the future).
  • Travel Gear slight Changes made.


  • New design look was made to be faster and quicker to load and use.
  • further performance issue coming soon.


  • No Progress was made on any of the eBooks due to the redesign.

Social Media

  • Instagram updates still being made daily
  • Facebook new content added weekly/ by daily


  • Due to the redesign of the website, no new posts were created, back to normal after the design change is completed.

More Updates coming all this month till January

– November 2017

eBook update:

  • Scotland: Major Cities of Scotland will be releasing on Amazon Kindle for £2.99 (sale £0.99p) and on our website eBook Collection. Release date: Out Now!! Released in November 2017.
  • Works on San Marino eBook has Started and a lot of reworks are required. release date: N/A
  • Setting up works on new Book Series.

Design Change:

  • Post Content Font Family Changed to: Libre Baskerville
  • Post Title Font Family Changed to: Cantata One
  • About Us: Page Layout Changed
  • Contact Us: Security Feature added
  • Write for Us: little changes
  • Posts: All the new posts have been using our new redesign, no more side bar and more information per article

Facebook and Instagram:

  • New Videos have been posted on our Facebook page, we are looking to update our page regularly, Follow Us on Here
  • New posts on Instagram, weekly posts of images and videos coming soon.

– October 2017

This month has been a big one, a lot of things have slowly changed on the website, such as:

All 45 European Cities have now all got a profile, you can check each city out here: European Cities

Trying to optimize the site to be a little bit faster and better looking.

Last 3 months i have posted at least 1 post per day, excluding Sunday’s.

Update page has now been set up.

Upcoming Updates:

Country profiles, Working on developing a profile design for each country, just like the city profile design, starting off with each European country.

Will be releasing another e-Book this month, you can check out our eBook collection here: e-Book Collection

Reworking old posts i have worked out before, they need to have a few changes and updating links.

Will keep posting 6 days a week, and hoping to get close to 300 posts, currently on 250

After writing at least 8 posts per city, i will add new cities and add more content in the cities i already have.

– August 2017

isolatedtraveller preview page europe

I have decided to do monthly updates for this website, every month a few updates will come a long and change a few things from articles to page layouts to a new design, this could be something small or something big.

What’s releasing on the August Update?

New Pages: (country) statistics and information, each country such as Spain, Italy, United kingdom & France will be added this month, information such as population, economy and future predication of a nation will be on this new page, many more countries will be added over time.

Each country will have a country profile where you can find the cities, photographs, articles about the country.

Statistic and information is also part of the country profile but we are releasing this part first as the profile of a country isn’t fully complete yet.

Feed back about each page will be useful as it can be used to update the look and design of the pages.

eBooks Progress and Projects

I’m slowly trying to create a full gallery of ebooks, all free for everyone, Currently in progress of creating 2 new ebooks:

Major Cities in Scotland & San Marino however no progress has been made in 2 months.

Major Cities in Scotland is about 50% done (30+pages so far)

San Marino is about 30% done with 18 pages, progress is slow due to the amount of work i been doing on the website with the time i have.

You can view all the eBooks on our eBook collection page

European Cities & Destinations

Something else i been working with and currently the European Cities is completed, release day will be soon.


Isolatedtraveller Preview Page European Cities

Future Projects

The Home page will receive a massive redesign, just making it a bit better and more user friendly

Releasing even more eBooks, having twice as much if not three times as much, compare to the current amount of 3 and 2 in progress.

Better Menu Layout

Future updates will be coming soon and i keep you posted with my monthly reports


– July 2017 

Haven’t posted an update for the site in a while, about where its going and changes that might happen in the future.

last update was when i changed the address of the website from alonetraveller to isolatedtraveller, and a went from WordPress to self-hosting website, which changed the look of the website massively, however that’s the past, this is the next big update coming for our 1 year anniversary of this website/blog.

Currently have over 150+ posts and mostly there’s posts have been brief and quick but been posting over 15+ posts per months on average, however I’m planning for this website to have 250 + posts before we hit 1 year.

Last Month I have been posting but also working hard on the back-end of the website new pages, new design layout and new logo that I’m planning for the website to have, little bit of a new look, not a new theme but new look for pages and posts layouts

However i have been looking for a new theme but just can’t find a theme better then my current one.

Here is the list of projects, i have been working on, over the past few weeks and months

Latest project:

Destinations page, layout of all 7 continents (mostly been working on the European continent but other continents will get a update soon)
Over 50 new cities been added (more will be added over time)
16 New countries been added (more countries will be added soon)
Statistics and information about each country (economy, trade, population etc.)
2 new ebooks being developed by me over 40 pages each plus more will be added
New Font, Colour, Images quality
More User Friendly design in pages and posts
Other things, that needs sorting out:

Older pages will all receive a update, still figuring out how they should be layout or removed as they are not needed any more
New Main Menu, getting rid of different pages/menus that are no longer required
setting a path where this website should be going and best way to do it
blog posts being more in dept and more SEO friendly
posts being longer then 600 words, with real source and depth into how each information was gathered
all of the things i have mentioned is being worked on and over time, hopefully improve the way the website is and will hopefully have a community that reads and posts on our blog daily.

updates will release on our 1 year anniversary however small changes will be published over time, leading up to it.


Traffic so far been okay, could be better however its been decent and steady, but hoping this triples following our 2nd year. so far we have over 45k visitors within 9 months.


Building a website and providing content is time consuming however it only costs a little bit to fun the website once you have it all set up.

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