Vatican City: Statistics and Information

Independence: 1929 February 11 (from Italy)

Currency: € Euro

Population: 840 people (2016)

(over 450 have Vatican citizenship)

State Size: 0.17 square miles

(the smallest internationally recognized independent state in the world by land mass.)


Borders with

Italy 3.2 km

Other Name

The Holy See

Santa Sede

vatican city

Holy See

Vatican City


Constitution: Apostolic Constitution of 1967 (effective 1968 March 1)

International Organization Participation: CE (observer), IAEA, ICFTU, IOM (observer), ITU, NAM (guest), OAS (observer), OPCW, OSCE, UN (observer), UNCTAD, UNHCR, UPU, WHO (observer), WIPO, WToO (observer), WTrO (observer)

Government Type: ecclesiastical

National Holiday: Coronation Day of Pope JOHN PAUL II, 22 October (2017)

Head of State: Pope JOHN PAUL II (2017)

Location of Vatican City: Southern Europe, an enclave of Rome (Italy)

Capitol City: Vatican City

Region: South Eastern Europe

Continent: Europe

Highest Elevation: 75 m

Lowest Elevation: 19 m

Longitude: 012 27 E

Latitude: 041 54 N

Geographical Terrain: low hill

Radio Broadcast Stations: 9

Television Broadcast Stations: 1

Internet Country Code: .va

Two Letter Country Code: VA

Phone Country Code: +39

National budget revenues: $308,000,000 (2011)

National budget expenditure: $326,400,000 (2011)

Electricity capacity: 5,000 kW standby
production: power supplied by Italy

Source From:  CIA World Factbook

Life Average Expectancy:  78 Years old

Life Expectancy Men: 74 years

Life Expectancy Women: 81 years

Literacy Percent: 100

Major Religion: Roman Catholicism

Vatican’s Museum has attracted over five million visitors per year as of 2011

Yearly Rainfall: 50 cm

Hottest Month: July

Coldest Month: January

Bird Life: European Kestrel, Peregrine Falcon, Yellowhammer, Wryneck woodpeckers, Blue Rock Thrush, Spotted Flycatcher, Redstart, Cetti’s Warbler, Stonechat, Collared Dove, pigeons

Plant Life: N/A

Animal Life: N/A

Railroads total: 862 meters; note – connects to Italy’s network at Rome’s Saint Peter’s station
narrow gauge: 862 meters 1.435-m gauge

Highways: none; all city streets

Ports: none

Airports: none

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