We are on Apple News!!

Isolatedtraveller is finally live on Apple News, been a long time since I wanted isolated traveller to be on Apple News and last few weeks I made a few changes to the site which allowed our layout and format to be ready for Apple News and we been approved by Apple. Launched a few articles to test the waters and see what can be done to improve the site and the articles.

Apple News is a massive market to expand into and I’m sure after a few months we will be a successful blog on google and apple news. Want to check out us out on apple new, here how:


Here’s how you can Find Us


If you reading this on your iPhone, iPad and Mac OS, simply just press this link and it will take you straight to our page: https://apple.news/TcrNSRcsnTv-Y6IGjoZeZMQ

Open your iPhone, Press the News App

We are on Apple News!! 7

The Apple News Homepage will show up, all you have to do is press on ‘Search’ or ‘Following’

We are on Apple News!! 8We are on Apple News!! 9

Enter in the search section ‘isolated’ and you will see our Isolated traveller channel, press on it

We are on Apple News!! 10

You can now view all our articles on there, right now, we will be adding much more, later this week.

We are on Apple News!! 11

Don’t forget to press the ‘heart’ button and favourite us.

We are on Apple News!! 12


Thank you 🙂

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