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Weapons Of War Found In The Ocean article1bomb Weapons of War

Weapons Of War Found In The Ocean

After World War II in 1945, The World had a major problem, scientist who created this chemical weapons, didn’t know how to destroy them, the massive amount of chemical weapons had to be disposed on way or the other, Countries such as United Kingdom , Russia and United States Thought the best and cheapest way would be dumping the chemical weapons into the ocean. The way they done it wasn’t exactly the best way ether they loaded the chemical munitions in encased in bombs, poured into barrels or other containers and artillery shells, and then they shoved the chemical weapons overboard, however they inaccurate recorded the locations and the amount they dumped in locations, which now makes it hard for us to find and try to clear out the area and test it.

However some Countries dumped their weapons in deep water however United States Were required to have a dump site to be at least 1,800 meters deep below the surface but countries such as The USSR, dumped over 15,000 tonnes of chemical weapons, in the Baltic Sea, The Baltic Sea is only 150 meters deep in most places and the deepest point is only 459 meters.


The chemicals which are located beneath the seafloor can pose a serious threat to humans who come in contact, this is because we are now focusing on oceans for sources of energy and food.

Scientists are now looking for signs of environmental damages, due to the bombs are now getting rusty and the seafloor might have deadly payloads. scientist have to find a quick way to deal and find the lost chemicals, this is because drill companies are drilling for oil and gas, and the fishing vessels trawl deep ocean diving for fish.

Its actually really common finding some sort of a chemical weapon on the ocean floor, it said that the ocean is littered with around five million tonnes of chemical weapons, the weapons are thought to be lost between 1919 and 1980.

The graph shows where the chemical weapons have been lost or dump, however this graph doesn’t show all of the chemical weapons that have been lost due to a lot of them are not known and have been lost.


Latest Report of a Chemical Weapon being found:

Lost Nuke – A local Man hunting for sea cucumber near the Pitt Island, British Columbia, Canada; has stumbled across a nuclear weapon that the United states of America have lost, over a couple decades ago.

The Royal Canadian Navy are now scoping out the object, to see if indeed its the real Mark IV bomb that was dumped by an american pilot just before it crashed in 1950.

The Code name Broken Arrow was given to it by United States, who have now admitted to losing its very first Nuclear bomb.