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10 Wonderful Facts About Le Locle

Facts About Le Locle
  1. Le Locle District was one of the six districts of the canton of Neuchâtel.
  2. Le Locle has a population of 10,216, as of 2018.
  3. Le Locle is first mentioned in 1332 as dou Locle.
  4. La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle have been awarded World Heritage status by Unesco in Sevilla
  5. Le Locle is a french speaking district, due to its close borders with France.
  6. Le Locle is the capital city of the Le Locle District. 
  7. Le Locle is located at an elevation of 946 m (3,104 ft).
  8. Le Locle is twinned with: Gérardmer, France; Sidmouth, England & Devon, England.
  9. The name of the town derives from the word for lake or trou d´eau.
  10. Le Locle is home to the Bibliothèque de la Ville Le Locle library.
10 Wonderful Facts About Le Locle wonderful facts about le locle 1 Facts About Le Locle

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