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List of Countries in Antarctica

The Continent of Antarctica is the Fifth largest continent behind Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Measuring approximately 14 million km², which is around 8.9% of the planet Earth’s land and 2.7% of the Planets Surface.

The Antarctica borders are surrounded by the Southern Ocean. The Eastern side of Antarctica is higher than the West. The Highest point is Vinson Massif, which measures at 4,897 m.

There is no native population in Antarctica, only visitors during the summer and scientists.

The Majority of Mammals found on or in the seas surrounding Antarctica, such as Seals, Orcas, Penguins and Whales, due to the conditions on Antarctica, it makes it hard for any vegetation to survive the conditions, which means only invertebrates such as mites and lice can be found on Antarctica’s land.

The Antarctica Treaty of 1959 was signed by twelve countries: the United Kingdom was the first to sign the treat followed by Argentine, Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, United States of America and The Soviet Union/ Russia.

The treaty was signed on the 1st of December 1959, states:

  • that the Antarctic can only be used for peaceful purposes, no fortifications, military manoeuvres and no weapon testing.
  • Any nuclear explosions in Antarctica and the disposal there of radioactive waste material shall be prohibited.
  • No Mining in Antarctica.
  • guarantees continued freedom to conduct scientific research.

More Information about the Antarctic treaty can be found here:

Antarctica Average Population Per Country
  • Argentina Population
  • Australia Population
  • Chile Population
  • France Population
  • Italy Population
  • Japan Population
  • Russian Population
  • United Kingdom Population
  • United States of America

List of All Countries in Antarctica

There are No Countries In the Continent of Antarctica

List of Antarctic territorial claims

Territory Territory Limits Claimant Date
Argentine Antarctica 25°W–74°W Argentina 1942
Australian Antarctic Territory 160°E–142°2′E
Australia 1933
Chilean Antarctic Territory 53°W–90°W Chile 1940
Adélie Land 142°2′E–136°11′E France 1924
Ross Dependency 150°W–160°E New Zealand 1923
Peter I Island 68°50′S 90°35′W Norway 1929
Queen Maud Land 44°38′E–20°W Norway 1939
British Antarctic Territory 20°W–80°W United Kingdom 1908

Antarctic territorial claims

Antarctic territorial Unclaimed

Claimants Extent of overlap
Between Argentina & United Kingdom 25°W–53°W
Between Argentia, Chile & United Kingdom 53°W–74°W
Between Chile & United Kingdom 74°W–80°W
Region Unclaimed limits
Marie Byrd Land 90°W–150°W

Unofficial Flag of Antarctica

Proposed Flag of Antarctica

Antarctica has no universally recognized flag as the condominium that governs the continent has not yet formally selected one, although some individual Antarctic programs have formally adopted True South as the flag of the continent.